The future doesn’t exist

This really annoys me. Why is it that what we do in school is such a huge thing? I hate how what I do do now directly affects whether I become important or a waste. School is such a big influence and most people become afraid of it. If I get an F in English does it mean that I’m never going to earn decent pay? Most school teachers will say no or you’re over thinking things, but if thats then why are so many people thinking this. What message are you trying to get across? It’s really off putting.
School is a place of education and learning, not a place where we are labeled for the rest of our lives as smart or stupid. We don’t live in the future so we should focus on our selves in the present. What is growing up and being mature? Answer that.


One thought on “The future doesn’t exist

  1. I like this post. You raise the question of what is the purpose of education? As a person working in education, I would say that my goal is to provide services that enable them to think critically, become self-sufficient, and access resources that connect them with others and enhance their learning. However, the more common view is that education is primarily suited for job training, that the goal is to provide discrete skills for individuals to later utilize for profit. To be sure, the teaching of discrete skills is essential, but I do not feel this should be the goal of education. Moreover, there are individuals who the teaching of traditional discrete skills may not be applicable (those with severe disabilities). The second model would say that education serves no purpose for them However, we know that these individuals have much to share with others and still benefit from developing the abilities to develop their interests. I’m not sure what the answer for you is, but I would suggest that we need to uncouple education from job/profit motive.

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