Depression vs laziness

What is depression? To me, it means that in the battle of misery vs happiness, misery won. It means that you’ve given up hope and will no longer try because it’s pointless. You feel that your alone in a dark room where no matter how hard or loud you cry… Nobody will come. You stop putting effort in because you know that all you’ll do is waste time and at any moment all you’ve worked for will disappear into the darkness along with yourself.
What is laziness? Not putting effort in because you ,either can’t be bothered or you really don’t want to do anything. You can’t muster up the energy to do or be anything. How are these linked? It’s simple….
They’re not.
I don’t know why, but people often mistake them for each other. When you see someone who has lost all hope, you don’t leave them to drown in their tears. You help them to see that life is fun and not just about getting a job, money, and other materialistic things. You are beautiful and unique so why hide. Show your power. Show your love. Show your strengths and experience the world. I love you. Everyone loves you. Be yourself.


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