Depression vs laziness

What is depression? To me, it means that in the battle of misery vs happiness, misery won. It means that you’ve given up hope and will no longer try because it’s pointless. You feel that your alone in a dark room where no matter how hard or loud you cry… Nobody will come. You stop […]

Who decided?

Who decided that people can starve whilst others gorge? Who decided who is pretty and who is not? Who decided that your gender is your future? Who decided that if you love someone who is the same sex, then your weird? Who decided that in order to be successful you need money? Who decided that […]

What’s up with that?

In school they love to show how much pain and suffering is in the world. I can understand that it’s a way for students to show empathy for those who are suffering and to see what the world is really about. However the school that I attend and maybe more doesn’t show anything that balances […]


One thing I have seen all the time when talking to girls my age is the unhealthy obsession with weight. Most girls are healthy and beautiful but they think that they don’t reach the beauty standards. This isn’t all but most that I have seen. I was also obsessed at one point but now I […]

Who are we?

Do you really think that we all have the freedom to be who we are? No. The reason being that many people will live their lives blissfully unaware of the insane pressure of society. What we look like, how we act and where we fit is decided by those who don’t even know us? They […]